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Front Cover

Fleets 2025

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Chris Taylor
2 or more
Play Time:
60 minutes
With the sailing of Fleets 2025: East China Sea, Victory Point Games launches you on a Chris Taylor-designed blue water adventure of high-stakes "political poker" centered on daring air and naval engagements between the modern fleets of the United States and China as the Taiwanese flashpoint of the East China Sea ignites into a crisis on the brink of spinning out of control. Here, player nerve and skill are required to hunt the opposing forces and inflict sufficient military damage to break their political will and get them to "blink first" and back down!

In this low-to-moderate complexity wargame, the great concerns of modern naval warfare are handled with fine design elegance to highlight the asymmetrical forces, systems, and tactics used by both sides through the lethality of modern weaponry. With deep strategic puzzles and wild military and political action simulated by the simple use of fast-action card play and lots of dice, Fleets 2025: East China Sea is a nautical thrill-ride through tomorrow's headlines for budding Admirals.

Game Components:

• Eight pages of color Rules: Basic and Admiral Level
• One 11" x 17" paper game map
• Two page color example of play
• One page of notes
• One page of scenarios
• 80 color, die-cut 5/8" two-sided game pieces
• 60 Activity cards
• Two player aid sheets
• Polybag packaging and component storage


Game Design: Christopher Taylor
Documentation and Game System Development: Alan Emrich
Art & Graphic Design: Alan Emrich
Map Graphics: Vince DeNardo
Playtesting: Nick Chartier, Allen Doum, James Fung, Chris Janiec, Ken Keller, Charles Locke, Stephanie Newland, Dave Schueler


Fleets 2025 by Mark D. (The Boardgaming Life)
I love the fact that it’s fast moving, and that several games can (possibly) be played in a single sitting. This is the type of game where you want to try a bunch of different strategies, and the short play time allows you to do this. 

The Victory conditions are unique and integrate well with the game. I like the idea that you can make trade-offs that will increase your combat strength for a cost in Political Will. It’s up to you to decide the best course of action at any given moment.

The unpredictability of the Activity Cards contribute to the replay value of the game. At least that’s been the case so far, in the few games I’ve played. There are 24 different varieties of Activity Card, which sounds like enough variety to keep card play fresh for a while.
Sailing Into the East China Sea by Bogatir (Sandbox for my Brain)
I don’t have very many games in my closet that I’ve enjoyed playing more than Fleets 2025. Lots of them offer greater "simulation value" – but few are more fun to just sit and play.

Game Resources

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