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In Magnificent Style

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Hermann Luttmann
Play Time:
60 minutes
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In Magnificent Style, from designer Hermann Luttmann, is a solitaire game depicting the final desperate Confederate attack on 3 July 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg, popularly known as Pickett’s Charge. As General Longstreet, you must decide how quickly to press your troops across this deadly open ground before allowing the men to regroup for another bound. But time is not on your side, and the longer your stalwart soldiers remain in this maelstrom of enemy fire, the more dangerous it becomes, and the less likely they will arrive with the verve and numbers required to carry the day.

With only five turns in which to reach your objective and attack, how far can you push your luck? Your options are simple: Death or Glory!

Game Data:

Number of Players: 1
Ages: 13 and up
Playing Time: approximately 60 minutes
Complexity: 3 on a 9 scale
Solitaire Suitability: 9 on a 9 scale
Scale: Each turn is approx. 10 minutes of real time

Game Components:

• One full color, 20-page Rules booklet
• 11" x 17" paper game map
• 1 Player Aid sheet
• 45 double-sided 1/2" round small troop markers
• 28 double-sided 5/8" round large troop markers
• 20 double-sided 1/2" square counters
• Two six-sided 12mm dice
• One 11" x 17" mounted, jigsaw-cut game board
• One bright red, 9 1/4" x 5 7/8" Standard cardboard VPG game box
• One beautiful box cover sleeve
• One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin
• One charcoal desiccant packet


Game Design: Hermann Luttmann
Development: Alan Emrich
Map Art
: Tim Allen and Rick Barber
Playtesting: Michel Boucher, Vince DeNardo, Paul Fish, Charles Golightly, Ron Harel, Jack McHugh, Lance McMillan, Jaret Morgan, Stephanie Newland, Duncan Rice, Dave Schueler, Ken Skinner, David Spangler
Proofreading: Bill Barrett, Hans Korting, Ian Wakeham


Top 100 Solitaire Games of 2015 by Ricky Royal (Box of Delights)
It’s great fun, and you’ll need to keep your wits about you as you decide which column to advance with and how to time the plays of your commanders’ specials. What sets it apart from games like the classic Can’t Stop, which uses a similar push-your-luck system, is that you will be dealing with wargame-like mechanics, like shaken troops, and terrain penalties.
In Magnificent Style by Florent Leguern (BoardGameGeek)
So I give this game an 8, because it is a solid solo-play, with a sub-theme of an already overcharged theme that's been cleverly used both in the design and the mechanics. ... [A]s a game that can be setup quickly and deliver a fun and intense play, and if you see the game as it is, In magnificent style really shines. If that what the intention (and I suspect it is), then that goal was reached.
In Magnificent Style by Boardgames in Blighty
Overall, I would have to say without reservation, In Magnificent Style is done in magnificent style and should be a must-buy for war gamers, particularly those who are interested in the Civil War.

Magnificent job, Hermann Luttman and Victory Point Games!
Picketts on a Roll by Tracy Baker (The Lonely Meeple)
I dare you to try it and not cheer your brigades on, feel crestfallen when they are pummeled, and be elated when they manage to punch through the Union lines against all odds. I triple dog dare you.
Don't Forget; Today You Are From Old Virginia by Jeff McAleer (The Gaming Gang)
All in all In Magnificent Style is a fun game tackling a rather “ungamable” historical situation. (8.8/10)