Chariots of Rome coverFor the longest time, the laurel for chariot racing boardgames went to Circus Maximus. Emerging from a time where most new games were wargames (laden with charts and tables so that players must work the history in the design), those days are as forgotten as the Etruscans. Don't listen to that used chariot dealer trying to fob that cheap Carthaginian model off on you, because The Little Game Company has a tricked-out late-model ride for you in Chariots of Rome like no other.

Coming to Kickstarter this Spring, Sean Young's Chariots of Rome looks beautiful and is graced by the Herculean labors of artist Chelsea Autio (a.k.a., Meticulous Detailum). As with Victory Point Games' reputation for "putting the history in" while making sure that "the gameplay's the thing," here at last is a thoroughly-researched chariot racing game made expressly to learn quickly, play fast, and to enjoy its seatbelt-free adrenaline-rush ride!

Historical tidbits abound as you maneuver your chariot in, out, and around your opponents, very much akin to so many other racing boardgames that you enjoy. But in Rome you can whip other charioteers and ram their chariots for maximum mayhem as you drive past. Planning your speed and cornering in ways that will not flip your chariot are very simple mechanics to grasp but harder to perfect, as the Gods and other charioteers will have their say. Do you spare your horses, or whip them and reduce their endurance? Should you keep your tactical abilities sharp and use them reduce penalties that you incur, or spend them to inflict mayhem on opposing chariots? How can you best employ your charioteer's special ability to give you a decisive edge on the track? And where is the Goddess Fortuna when you need her?

Chariot team closeup

The effortless resource management in Chariots of Rome shines through as drivers, chariots, and horse teams take damage in the guise of being "Rattled." As your Rattled increases (and Rattled can come quickly when you opt for a high risk/high reward maneuver), so does your peril while cornering, and reaching six Rattled will cause you to crash out of the race! Chariots of Rome in playTherefore, it is important to manage this accumulating disarray by slowing down and putting your chariot, driver, and team back under control before changing forward once more with the Furies at your back. When to press and take risks, and when to slow down and recover, are key decisions drivers must make as the race continues amid the thunder of hooves.

The core game and standard Roman Circus track are completed. We are currently working on stretch goal gameplay additions such as additional drivers and tracks to race on. Our task is to ensure that this Kickstarter project will quickly race from here to the printer and complete its three "delivery laps" (printing, overseas cargo delivery to our fulfillment service, and finally shipping to your door). Thus, we are cracking the whip on the development team now to make sure that we are across the finish line before the Gods can hinder us!

Charitos KS tracks

Louder than the cheering throng of plebs and nobles at the Circus will be the charioteers you have around the table with you as you race the Chariots of Rome. Filling every race are daring and hilarious moments that you will long enjoy recalling and you quickly set up for another start. Chariots of Rome can be on and off your table faster than an augur's chicken, and you can bet your gluteus maximus that all will be taking the thrill-ride of a lifetime.