Preparing to load up for the big move

Packing, Sorting, and Shipping
The Little Game Company

As those who stay current on the news from The Little Game Company know, we have been winding down our factory facility and will continue working for you as a "virtual" game publisher. The trucks and vans are pulling up each day it seems, hauling away bits of our old offices, factory, and warehouse. While we will miss our old home on Harbor Boulevard, we won't miss the escalating costs of our rent and leases. And consider what each of us here at VPG has been spending on highly-taxed California gasoline commuting to and from work, that, alone, was akin to giving each of us working here about a $75 per week/$4,000 per year "raise."

Pile 'em highAnd higher still

Prepping and packing piles of playable pallets!

What is"Virtual VPG?"

Thanks, FedExOver the past year, since we learned what the impending hikes in our rent and leases would be and the numbers were not going to add up, as our staff moved away we kept them on as "virtual employees" and have been developing our Virtual VPG systems ever since. Through the miracles of modern technology and logistics, we have reorganized our business model to mass-produce our games at large printing factories, have those games shipped to our warehouse and fulfillment service headquartered at Ship Naked in New Hampshire (with shipping facilities around the world), and manage our day-to-day office operations via a virtual office software program (Sococo) that we have really come to love. We share our files through the cloud now, and we have found great success managing our projects via a program called Basecamp. Therefore, brick-by- brick, we have been building Virtual VPG for the past year to smooth our way forward during this time of transition.

There are many things we will miss about working at the factory, but other things we will be less-sad to say goodbye to (like the commute). While our feelings are mixed today as we pack things up and wind things down, our future is certain and clear, and our mission hasn't changed: Design, develop, and manufacture games bristling with great gameplay, and provide the best customer service we can to support them.

Breaking up with our Printer Getting the printer ready to roll

The Canon "superprinter" is breaking up, both with us and with itself!

How is VPG's Future Shaping Up?

For one thing, several of our employees were doing double-duty, working both in production and shipping as well as in game development and graphics design. Now they will be working full-time on game development and graphic design (it's a good thing many of them were Alan's students at the Art Institute!). Another thing is that we will try to be present at more big game conventions, if we can. The end of the "red box" eraBecause our games are mass-produced now, making the cardboard-and-dice circuit to support boardgame distributors, stores, conventions, cafes, and clubs begs greater emphasis for us than under our previously more insular manufacturing and sales model. Expect us to have more outreach to the hobby press and forums and perhaps, in the fullness of time, for us to create more of our own podcast and video presence for The Little Game Company.

From a development standpoint, we are much better able to manage and coordinate projects developed out-of- house. And there are many new possibilities for our games in terms of manufacturing (providing it makes economic sense, of course). We must (of necessity) be less "niche-y" in the games we publish (to support selling a mass print run) while still maintaining VPG's avant garde reputation to embrace obscure subjects when there is a really amazing game there. That is, the gameplay is still the thing at Victory Point Games, and we look forward presenting for your hobby pleasure many more great games in our unique idiom.