They're Back, and There are More of Them!

Zeds 3 coverComing in July 2018 is a brief Kickstarter campaign to reprint Victory Point Games' third edition of Hermann Luttmann's game design triumph in the States of SiegeTM series: Dawn of the Zeds. This solitaire / co-op game of the Battle for Farmingdale also includes compelling and deeply strategic versus gameplay.

With a Magnum Cum Laude in fun and narrative gameplay, since going out of stock the secondary market prices for Dawn of the Zeds can fetch higher prices than when the game was released! Now, we are making sure that this story is again available for the retelling, and that the endless gameplay possibilities will once again burst out on game tables everywhere.

But wait! There’s more!

In addition to offering a reprinting of Dawn of the Zeds third edition, we have created new content in the form of small Expansion Packs, the first three of which will be unveiled in this Kickstarter campaign as add-ons which can be purchased together with a copy of the game or separately (for those lucky enough to already have a copy).

And what is new in these Expansion Packs? For that, we take you to the good people of Farmingdale to explain:


Expansion Pack 1: Stepping Forth

When she relaxed, Marge Printera, publisher of the Clarion Courier, looked like a typical American 50-something grandmother-in-waiting with warmth in her smile and roses in her cheeks – but today Marge was far from relaxed as reports kept coming in about the dehumanized Zeds already through the ramparts at Farmingdale's neighboring communities and surging toward the town center. The fire in her eyes was at full burn and the publisher raged as a titan among the citizenry addressing the few reporters in her office – true reporters who suppressed their panic and formed a small, collected cadre who knew their place in this crisis was to provide old-school gumshoe journalism – journalism at its best.

"We need more heroes to save Farmingdale, and we need them now! Where are they? Who are they? What are their stories? Follow every rumor, check every lead, and convert your perspiration to inspiration! I want those articles on my desk by deadline; Farmingdale is counting on us for words of hope in its time of crisis. What are you waiting for? Go!"


Dateline - Lefty's Pass: When I met retired Marine Drill Sergeant Otto Hauser, he was removing the fear and instilling trust and discipline in the neo-recruits assembled at the Hikewell Campground. It took all the courage I could muster to interrupt his assembly and to ask where more heroes can be found. His professional withering look focused on me, portending a verbal onslaught, but was instead followed by a long moment's silence; the weather-worn face softened. In a whisper flayed by genuine, heartfelt emotion, he said, "Go find my wife, May Hauser, up by Lefty's Pass."

May Hauser

There I met an American classic: May Hauser. "Mrs. Sarge" is the hero we need. Her lithe body, strong from farming and ranching, her hair changing naturally from sandy to steel gray (which perfectly matches her eyes, framed by a flinty expression of purpose, brooking-no-nonsense), was in full-motion and full-force, preparing for the impending apocalypse. Too busy to give a quote, she, the other half of a true love story, is no less set to save her friends and neighbors as her husband is. Research revealed that she is one of the earliest Women Marines, and when she mustered out to build a life together with Otto she never lost her edge. A top shot with any pistol, a combat coach (which is how she fell in love with Otto), a tireless volunteer, and shrewd citizen, May Houser is coming to Farmingdale's rescue soon.

General Lee (the horse, that is)As I left the Hauser's Ranch, Bar None, cantering in a corralled arena was a magnificent horse – the kind of thoroughbred I’ve wagered some pairs of dollars on at the track. Talking to the stable master, Bobbie "Mounty" Morgan, she told me that horse, General Lee, was inherited because May and Otto so adored him when his owner passed away. They rode and trained together, and "Sarge even taught him the cadence of a proper cavalry charge." There is a reason that mounted police and soldiers still ride tall in this mechanized age. With chaos spreading throughout our communities, there is even more reason today to have them.

Riding a chestnut steed, May Hauser and General Lee are galloping into the fray.

-- Dusty Teal


Dateline – Interstate 905 (just north of Ingeburg): As an admitted fan of wrestling, I delighted in seeing El Toro Loco himself, Miguel Santana, in town for the matches last weekend, perform his crowd-pleasing luchador feats. But no ticket was needed for the attraction that ensued when he set out of town to wrestle Zeds out of this world by the bunches. During a breather, I dutifully asked about other heroes who could save us. A moment's thought turned into a large, toothy smile as he replied, "Big Wheels! You need Brian Carter and Rose," he chuckled. Here, in the midst of carnage, this hero of the ring could savor a happy thought before charging back into the fray.

Big Wheels CarterBrian "Big Wheels" Carter and his custom-built 18-wheel truck, Rose, are inseparable. Each is an extension of the other, and when he is hauling there is a palpable "right with the universe" feeling permeating the haul. Big Wheels has many friends among the Farmingdale communities, and my phone interview with him caught him and Rose loading up supplies and ammunition to bring to town to fight the Zeds infestation. He added that Rose has grown some thorns at the shop, and those Zeds on the road "won't score a lot of points each, but there sure seem to be plenty of them, if you take my meaning."

-- Megan Worthy


Check MatesDateline - Farmingdale Community Center: As the games columnist for the Clarion Courier, it was an interesting challenge to find new heroes and report on them in this newspaper. Fortunately, my gaming buddies at our lonely hearts club, the Check Mates, cunning strategists and cool calculators the lot of them, have offered their services. The club's founder and leader, Roberta Strawberry, knows the best and brightest of the neighboring communities, and they have proven to the skeptical civilian leaders that they can extemporize cleverly efficient plans with cool clarity under the worst pressures. As their ranks swell from the influx of refugees into Farmingdale, their Geek Elite should be assembled for a final showdown with the Zeds that will underscore the effectiveness of Minds over Matters.

-- Tae Sung Sook


Stay tuned for a report from WZED Farmingdale….