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Zoran Dobrijevic
2 or more
Play Time:
30 minutes or less

Trifecta, from Zoran Dobrijevic, is a fast, competitive game made specifically for two players. Work your way to victory or spend your turns foiling your opponent just as they think they have a winning row.

Players take turns back and forth adding one card at a time to each of six rows. If a row has five cards in it and the total value of the cards is between or equal to 21 and 26, the owner of that row gains a point and the row is emptied. If the total value is a different number, the row is emptied and the owner gains no points.

Be the first to complete three successful rows of cards and victory is yours!

Game Components:

• One full-color rules sheet
• 45 cards


Game Design: Zoran Dobrijevic
Producer & Developer: Josh Neiman
Artist: Ashley Anderson


Art Deco Elegance With Cards by Jennifer (iSlaytheDragon)
If you’re looking for something for a couple that provides a decent amount of mental stimulation without being overwhelming, or for someone who likes standard card games, Trifecta could be a game for you. We’ll be keeping it in the collection for those nights when we want a game, but not too much game. (7.5 / 10)
Trifecta by Maurice Fitzgerald (Club Fantasci)
I’m giving Trifecta a 7 out of 10 score because I really appreciate the simplicity of Trifecta and how with just a few rules, the game feels elegant and refined without being pretentious or overbearing but most importantly, it is an engaging and very fun way to pass 15-20 minutes with a fellow gamer. A great game for couples that is very easily transported in a pocket or purse and with the math and reasoning aspect I think this would make for good play with a child as well.
Trifecta by Dad's Gaming Addiction
It’s simple to play yet still doesn’t feel like I’m mindlessly going through the motions. As such, I think it would be an ideal casual game for couples & parent/child pairings. With a little creativity, I’m sure you could expand the game to three or four players with the purchase of an extra deck (though I haven’t tried it myself). ... “Trifecta” both surprised us and kept us actively engaged from start to finish. (7/10)
Trifecta by Father Geek
“Very simple. Very straight forward. And very fast. This game will be a good one for us when we want to play a game and don’t have much time!” Liam (age 8)

Trifecta is a good game for two players that is simple, elegant, fun, and quick. It’s casual and can be played at restaurants, at the park, or in a hotel room. When the weather gets nice, it’ll be a great game to take camping, too. Unless you camp during the wintertime in the snow, in which case, do take Trifecta with you. 

A neat game of subtle row manipulation, logical thinking, and timing.

Game Resources

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